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Volcanic poetry!

The bubbling, crimson, glowing volcano,

With spitting, flaming lava,

Spilling out of the grumpy, angry volcano.

Jordin, Ryan, Charlotte, Maxwell, Zak, Freya


The golden magma spice as it spits through the rocks,

As they bubble through the sky,

Choking, grey smoke burper,

Hard, old, black, solid rocks,

Amber cooking lava,

Hot crumbling rocks as hot as roasted marshmallows.

What am I?

Izobel, Jack, Ruby, Ronnie, Kaysha, Peggy.


Killing scarlet rocks,

Massive fiery lava,

Cloudy grey lava smoke,

Crumbly brown rocks,

Erupting, fiery, exploding, red hot lava,

Smokey, grey, cloudy gas,

Killing real yellow rocks.

What am I?

Scarlett, Kaidi, Archie, McKenzie, Harry


Burning, bubbling orange and red hot lava,

Spreading down the volcano,

Smoke suffocator,

Hot bubbly lava,

Spitty, choking,

Smoking, bubbling,

Murder burning,

Bubbly potion,

Burning hot lava,

Stirring, bubbling,

Spitting lava,

Burning, bubbling,

Hot killer,

Bubbly hot lava,

Springing up all over the city,

Spewing lava from its spitting mouth.

What am I?

Rhys, Miley, Stephen, Rosie, Alfie, Michelle


Grey slippery rock,

Polluting air maker,

Bubbling, crackling lava,

Smelly, boiling magma,

Red, sloppy lava,

Crusty, crumbling rock,

Grey ashes fluttering in the air,

Dusty, melting, sloppy, amber lava,

Huge tumbling rocks,

Burning lava in a volcano,

Overflowing bubbling, amber, smoky lava,

Burning grey smoke.

Skye, Isabelle, Josh, Grace

Rocky decisions…

We had an interesting science lesson testing out the properties of different types of rock.  First the children predicted whether they thought each rock was permeable (would absorb water), would split under pressure, wear away and whether it would float!

We tested granite, chalk, pumice, shale and limestone.

Chalk wears away easily, all but granite are permeable, the shale fell to pieces after being submerged and the pumice actually did float because it is full of tiny air bubbles!

We then discussed which rocks would be suited for different purposes.  Chalk is good for art because it leaves a mark when it wears and limestone is great for fossil hunting.  But we did have someone who wanted to use shale to create a worktop… hmmm… think I will use an alternative designer next time I need a kitchen!!


Fantastic mathematicians!

Hello everyone!

So, Miss Bradley has finally re-engaged her technology brain, remembered her password and fired up the blog again.

And what a fantastic lesson we have to celebrate here.  The children were given strips of paper and blank digit cards with which to create their own number lines and I had no idea just how mathematical they would get, given this open ended task.

We realised there is no reason for a number line to travel in a boring straight line, for starters!  Jordin, blew my socks off by including some negative numbers on her number line!!  I haven’t even taught this yet, this year!  Meanwhile, Harry included some decimals… he’s not quite sure what a decimal is yet but he knows that he has seen such a thing around and we will be learning about them in the future.  He applied the same rule he would to whole numbers and therefore his number line still worked – nice reasoning!

The children worked beautifully in teams and all in all I couldn’t be happier with my little mathematicians.  8

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